Four Video Poker Tips That Will Help You Play Better

Here are our tips for video poker and playing better.

Choose the right video poker machine

A full pay video poker machine will give you the best payouts. This means that you will win more money when you get winning hands. In Jacks or Better, the most popular variant of video poker (the one in which you need at least a couple of Jacks to win), a glance at the pay table will suffice to see if the machine offers full payouts or not. Just look at the payoff associated with the full house and the color. The full house normally pays 9: 1 and the flush 6: 1.

As long as you use an optimal focus strategy, your chances of winning on this type of machine are much better than other casino games. The house margin is below 1%. This means that the machine will return an average of 99 cents on each dollar bet. If you don’t play optimally, the house edge will be much higher: this is why you need to learn a foolproof strategy before starting a video poker game.

The best video poker strategy for Deuces Wild

In Deuces Wild (the variation in which the 2 can replace any other card and where the pay table begins with the three of a kind), the odds are also in the player’s favor (as long as the latter applies the best video poker strategy). The house margin is estimated to be around 1%. When you find it, you can play with a 0.76% house edge. The second most attractive video poker machine, Deuces Wild, pays the 11: 1 royal flush and the 4: 1 full house. It is one of the most decent machines on the market as the house margin is only 0.04%.

Bet the maximum number of coins

Check the pay table of your video poker machine: you will find that it is much more interesting to bet as many chips as possible to significantly increase your chances. For example, the profit expectation is much better if you bet 4 times 25 cents than if you bet 1 dollar once. In addition to sign-up bonuses, some video poker machines offer free spins and progressive jackpots!

Adopt the best strategy and tips for video poker!

To win at video poker, you must master the perfect strategy. It’s that easy! Online you will find many strategy schemes that will tell you exactly what to do in one situation or another. Keep them handy when playing online! Print them out and do not take your eyes off them because there are cases in which the video poker strategy to be applied can be debatable. However, video poker is still one of the few casino games where you can really play on equal terms against the house, as long as you apply an appropriate and unbeatable strategy to the letter. As an example, here is a strategy outline that you will also find on other sites. It will tell you which cards to keep.

Like most games, video poker is subject to short-term reversals. If you are interested in progressive jackpots, don’t forget to bet the maximum number of chips authorized by the machine to be eligible.